Bradshaw Elite About to Represent Team Australia

Coralie Bradshaw is the Studio Principal, Artistic Director and Head Coach of Bradshaw Dance and Cheer, and has recently taken over the management of World Cup Cheer and Dance (WCCD), now named Dance and Cheer Events (DCE) – Amongst these many roles she undertakes, Coralie has been working tirelessly to prepare and send the selected Team Australia Doubles Cheer Freestyle team to the ICU World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, from the 26th – 28th April.

As Team Australia is a self-funded tour, the club has set up a go fund me page: to raise the large amount of funds required to travel overseas as a team. They have been arranging their own uniforms, organising travel plans, seeking sponsors, ensuring appropriate medical and health treatment, setting up fundraising and much more!

Unfortunately, the team had a setback last week, with Rachelle injuring her ankle. Thankfully, Emily will join Frances in forming the Doubles Cheer Freestyle team and the duo does not have to make a late withdrawal from the Championships.

The Australian Cheerleading Union wishes Rachelle well in her recovery and hopes all travelling members; Frances, Emily, Rachelle and Gezelle – one of Australia’s leading Pom coaches and choreographer, all the very best for a successful Championship.

To show your support, visit Frances, Rachelle and Emily’s Road to Worlds Facebook Page

Bradshaw Dancers

Photo Credit: Bradshaw Dance Facebook Page