2017 Team Australia Announced!

The Australian Cheerleading Union, under the auspice of Gymnastics Australia, wish to announce the selection of ‘Team Australia’ for the 2017 ICU World and World Junior Cheerleading Championships!

Congratulations to the following teams; their athletes and coaches, who have been selected to represent Australia;

Bradshaw Dance & Cheer – Doubles Cheer Freestyle

Combined Clubs Team (name to be confirmed) – Coed Elite (Level 5)

KLD All Stars – Junior Doubles Cheer Freestyle

We can’t wait to see how their training progresses over the next few months, and look forward to seeing how they go on the world stage.

Good luck!

Selected Clubs Logos

Further links;

Australian Cheer Union; www.cheerunion.org.au

World ICU event information: www.cheerunion.org/championships/cheerleading